Thursday, April 23, 2009

After The Party

Now the People have had their Tea Party and Taken Their Oaths.
What does it all mean.
Pastors get beaten up by Border Guards, Police shoot unarmed people without provocation and are acquitted, troops patrol your streets with impunity, even news men get shoved around and "arrested" for reporting the news. And Nothing Is Done to Correct the Situation.
No wonder your representatives don't listen to you. You are Impotent. It is back to your easy chair and flat screen TV. You've done your "feel good" moment and are quite content to have had your say, even though no one is listening.
You Government is not afraid of you because they know you don't mean it. You WILL NOT give up the "Good Life" of America's Idol, Tractor Pulls and Football just for Liberty. You WILL continue to cower and beg like a dog at the feet of your Masters.
There once was a time when politicians and police obeyed the law as well as the common man because the punishments were quick and final and delivered by the citizenry. When People commanded and Government obeyed. I see that time has long passed and this Land is No Longer the Home Of The Brave or Land of The Free. It has become the Land of the Trembling Cowards, afraid lest Government turn its wrathful eye upon its serfs.
I Pity you Americans, but I also Despise Who You Have Become.
Patrick Henry

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  1. Well done is better than well said

    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.