Sunday, May 10, 2009

DC Tyrants -- This Bird's For You!!

Because of this:

And this:


I see all the posturing blogs like Sipsey Street and Oath Keepers have gone quiet. They drew a “line in the sand” and the government has ignored them and continued on with its policies. Bluster and posture. “Shout Our Oath In The Tyrants Face” indeed. What a wonderful opportunity to bag so many dissidents in one place. And it will not be making the news.

Look in the mirror and acknowledge the fact that you are a SLAVE!

Look into your children’s eyes and TELL THEM that you have been silent while They are enslaved and their FREEDOMS lost by your unwillingness to ACT. Bluster and posture and beat your chest as long as you want. YOU WILL RUN WITH YOUR TAIL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS WHEN THE BIG DOG COMES INTO THE ROOM!!! You KNOW that fact, your children KNOW that fact and the BIG DOG KNOWS that fact!!

Patrick Henry

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